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Jonathan Walker 

Welcome to In Tune,
Piano tuning & Repair. My name is Jonathan Walker and I'm a certified piano tuner/technician. I offer affordable and reliable piano tuning and repair. I have 10 years of experience tuning and repairing pianos. I want to share my knowledge, experience, and love for the piano with all!

Why does a piano go out of tune?

How often does a piano need tuning?

A piano is made of around 70% wood and also has 18-20 tons of pressure on this wood frame along with the iron plate. Wood is dramatically affected by the changes of the atmosphere. Summer typically brings higher moisture and causes the wood to expand. In the winter, the heater in your home dries out the air and causes the wood to shrink. This fluctuation in moisture along with the massive amount of pressure causes the piano to drop out of tune. 
In Tune recommends tuning twice a year, especially if the piano is played for a church, school, or weekly enjoyment in your home. Because of the humidity changes throughout the year, the pianos tuning is affected. Some concert/professional pianist like to tune their piano with each season, four times per year.

​What is your service area?

​How should I clean my piano?

Due to the demand for piano tuning, In Tune covers a large area of southwest Georgia. Counties that are routinely serviced include the following:  Sumter, Lee, Dougherty, Crisp, Worth, Macon, Terrell, Webster, Dooly, Schley, and Marion. Please call for availability outside these counties.
When it comes to the outside cabinet of a piano, it depends on the type of finish on the piano. Never use any alcohol or ammonia based cleaners on your piano. Never attempt to clean the inside of your piano. A piano can have over 12,000 individual parts. It is best to allow your technician to tend to all the piano's needs inside the cabinet.

My time at the Piano Technician Academy consisted of 250 hours of training which focused on fine tuning of pianos and precision regulation of their actions. I'm honored to have been certified by the Piano Technician Academy.